Thursday, October 6, 2011

Racoons eating my cat food

We get these nightly visitors.....  Lately we get the whole "Raccoon Family".....  Bye Bye cat food!

Sorry it's a bad photo..... It's my iphone in the dark......

Look at those eyes......So cute yet so "Don't mess with me" all at the same time.....

There is momma Raccoon......and Hunks weedeater....

Another awful -quality- photo but I was zooming in with the iphone in the dark....

He got a little freaked out with all my photo taking and ran up in a tree.... Hunk shined the flashlight on him so I could get a photo...

 He came back and ate for awhile.....when the bowl was empty he decided to go meet up with the rest of his "gang"


  1. My dad has a family of Racoons that visit his back porch regularly as well. He's even caught them "washing" their food in the water bowl. They've gotten quite comfortable now and will come in the early evening as well. They can be better than TV.

  2. Oh my, they are cute, but they can be so naughty! Couldn't help but notice your outdoor living space-love it!

  3. My goodness, they come so close - they don't seem to be scared of you at all!

  4. Can you blame them with your awesome patio? It's FAB! I can't promise that I won't show up on your back door tonight!

  5. Now that's a good husband who wil hold a flashlight for you so you can get a photo! Those eyes are perfect for halloween pictures - spooky. What brand outdoor furniture do you have? I've been looking for FAT cushioned chairs since forever!

  6. p.s. where is your music? I got mine fixed again - email me.

  7. Pretty bold little creatures, huh?!

    Fyi -- I've got a giveaway going on over on my blog. You might want to come check it out if you like Barnes & Noble :)

  8. Have missed your updates but am sure you are crazy busy! We have tons of raccoon families around here, too. They are bold creatures! I have a 'city' cat that I inherited from my daughter that used to be strictly an indoor cat. But out here in the country he has acclimated quite well to the outside life....until...the sun goes down. He then reverts back to being a whinny little ole' city cat. So at night he lives in the enclosed front porch but that doesn't stop the raccoon's from bugging the heck out of him. Ha! Such is country life.

    Hope you and your family are well!